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Made from the same woven fabric as the Ruanas, the "Celtic Stoles" are 15" wide and 90" long (37 X 225 cms). The stoles are extremely versatile as a long wrap - around scarf for the cooler months, as a stylish stole for evening wear or simply as a cosy wrap for around your shoulder as you sit of an evening. Very lightweight , yet warm, ,these are great to use when travelling.

Stole - colour A £46.50
Stole - colour B £46.50
Stole - colour C £46.50
Stole - colour D £46.50
Stole - colour E £46.50
Stole - colour F £46.50
Stole - colour G £46.50
Stole - colour H £46.50
Stole - colour I £46.50
Stole - colour J £46.50
Stole - colour K £46.50
Stole - colour L £46.50
Stole - colour M £46.50
Picture of Stole

Picture of Stole

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